Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu – Short Inca Trail Tour

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TOUR TYPE: Hiking, adventure, history and culture.
PROGRAM: Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
WALKING DISTANCE: 16 km / 9.94 mi
DIFFICULTY: Moderate to easy
GOOD FOR: Moderate physical fitness.
CONSIDERATIONS: Permit required (Book in advance)

For an unforgettable adventure that won’t take 4 days of your trip, join the Short Inca Trail tour. This 2 day Inca Trail Adventure will take you to the incredible city of Machu Picchu. The Short Inca Trail Tour is an adventure for most travelers. You don’t need to be an experienced hiker to walk the Inca paths.

The short Inca trail to Machu Picchu is a short hike to one of Peru’s most important destinations. The 2 day Inca Trail excursion is a way to arrive at the sanctuary of Machu Picchu. It is the Classic Inca Trail, without strenuous days of hiking.

The shortness does not sacrifice the appeal of the Inca Trail. You’ll get to see the spectacular views. You’ll visit the ancient archaeological sites, you’ll hike to Machu Picchu.

The Short Inca Trail tour will give you an unforgettable experience. You only need to prepare for this adventure. Acclimate to avoid altitude sickness. Inca Path Peru will take care of the rest.

Remember to book in advance. The Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu has the same limitations of the Classic Inca Trail. Only a certain number of available spots are put out there.

Also, don’t forget to check our reviews on Tripadvisor.

Short Inca Trail Tour Includes

  • Bus ride from Cusco to Ollantaytambo (Round trip).
  • All transfers from and to your hotel in Cusco.
  • Train to Km 104 (train Expeditions).
  • Train back to Ollantaytambo
  • Entrance ticket to the Inca Trail
  • Entrance to Machu Picchu
  • Professional bilingual tour guide.
  • 1 night at a 3 star hotel (Aguas Calientes overnight).
  • 1 lunch, 1 breakfast and 1 dinner.
  • 1 CONSETTUR bus ride from Machu Picchu  to Aguas Calientes (return of the second day).
  • First aid kit.
  • Oxygen tank in case of altitude sickness.
  • Transport by bus from Ollantaytambo to Cusco.

Things You Should Bring to the Short Inca Trail Tour

  • Medium-sized backpack (with a rain cover)
  • Light clothing (one change)
  • Trekking footwear
  • Rain jacket or plastic poncho (rain gear)
  • Appropriate warm layer
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Sunscreen with high SPF
  • Insect repellent
  • Hat or cap for the sun
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • High energy snacks for the hike (you can buy them in Cusco)
  • Camera of smartphone with extra batteries
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Personal medication and first aid kit
  • Important documents (original passport, student card, etc)
  • Cash in local currency (Peruvian soles)

Tour Details


Day 1: Short Inca Trail Tour (Cusco – Aguas Calientes)

To begin the adventure in the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu we have to leave Cusco early. By 4:30 am out private transport will take us on an almost 2 hour drive. We’ll arrive at the Ollantaytambo Train Station to take the train to our starting point.

In Km 104, we’ll disembark from the train. This is near our starting point. We’ll pass the control point. You will need to prove your identity to access the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. This is a measure to ensure fair practices in the Inca trail permits selling.

We’ll start our Short Inca Trail Tour in Chachabamba. After a Guided tour of this archaeological site we’ll begin our 2 day Inca Trail adventure.

During our walk across the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu we’ll have amazing views. Nature around us showcases the best of the cloud forest. We’ll encounter orchids along the trail.

We’ll walk for a while, but we’ll make a stop at WiñayHuayna. This is another archaeological site we’ll explore. The name of this site means “Always young” in the Quechua language.

Academics are not sure about what this place used to be. The most popular theory is that this used to be the house of a high priest. Then this priest went to Machu Picchu to lead rituals.

After the visit we’ll have lunch. After lunch we’ll continue walking. The landscape is beautiful in this section. You will have unique vistas of the Urubamba river and the mist above the cloud forest.

We’ll walk for around one hour to arrive at the Sun Gate. This place, also known as Inti Punku, is a sign of the proximity of Machu Picchu. We’ll have our first view of Machu Picchu with the evening sunlight. We’ll be reaching Machu Picchu before the sunset.

We’ll descend across the citadel of Machu Picchu. Our 2 day Inca Trail will allow us to see Machu Picchu on its closing time. This means the complex will be almost empty. This is a unique opportunity for some quick photos.

We’ll descend by foot to the city of Aguas Calientes. You’ll have time for exploring Machu picchu the next day.

Our team members will make sure you arrive at your hotel in Aguas Calientes. You can rest and settle.

Our Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu adventure is not over. This 2 day Inca Trail will continue with more. Enjoy a nice dinner in your hotel.

Day 2: Exploring Machu Picchu (Aguas Calientes – Cusco)

You will have to wake up really early for your breakfast at the hotel. At 4:30 you’ll have to meet your guide to start the hike to Machu Picchu citadel. We want you to see the sunrise in Machu Picchu. That is why we have to make sure to start this 90 minute climb early.

In the entrances to Machu Picchu, you’ll need your documents. You have to validate your ticket with your identity again. After this you will go back to the impressive Inca city of Machu picchu.

Our Short Inca Trail tour finally takes us to Machu Picchu. You’ll have a guided tour for about 2 hours. Our expert tour guide will show you around the main places of interest. You’ll also learn about ancient history and the prowess of the Incas.

For a little more freedom in your Machu Picchu exploration. You’ll have a free hour to explore on your own. If you decide to add the Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu mountain climb, you’ll have to use this hour to do that.

By midday, we’ll be taking one of the CONSETTUR buses to return to Aguas Calientes. You’ll have time to look for your lunch (not in the price). After this, we’ll encounter the Aguas Calientes train station.

We’ll take the evening train to Ollantaytambo. A private transport will be waiting for us in Ollantaytambo. This transport will take us to Cusco. And back to your hotel.

This is the end of our Short Inca Trail to Machu picchu adventure.

Not Included

Short Inca Trail Tour – Not Included

  • Breakfast on the first day, lunch and dinner on the final day
  • Tips for personal of assistance, tour guide and drivers (optional)
  • Additional expenses (souvenirs, extra food, etc)
  • Walking stick (you can ask for one in rental)
  • Transportations outside of the itinerary
  • Personal equipment



The base pricing for the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is 469 USD per person. As described in the itinerary and included section.

For any extra upgrade you can check the additional section for extra experiences and services. We can accommodate multiple upgrades according to availability. Make sure you ask for add on with enough time to implement them (at least a week before your travel). Always check for availability before.

If you are a university student you can get a 20 USD discount on your entrance to Machu Picchu. To apply for this benefit you have to send a digital copy of both sides of your current student card.

Make sure all data (name, university’s name, visible student photo) is visible. You can only apply to this benefit if you are 25 years old or younger. After getting the discount, you have to present your student card at the control point before entering Machu Picchu.


  • Machu Picchu Mountain climbing: 65 USD
  • Huaynapicchu Mountain climbing: 65 USD
  • Vistadome train  for the return (Aguas Calientes – Ollantaytambo), luxury experience: 30 USD
  • Extra Bus ride to/from Machu Picchu: 12 USD extra

Terms & Conditions

Terms of Reservation

Minimum 1 week before, minimum 2 people and the minimum age is 12 years.

Changes or upgrades are subject to 1) availability and 2) an extra charge as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

Machu Picchu Mountain and Huayna Picchu (please contact us for availibilities): In case you opt to add one of the two hikes, please contact us first via Whatsapp +51998002311 or to check availabilities. The entrance fee for each is $20 and will be added automatically when you choose the preferred option in the dropdown above.

Terms of Cancellation

You can choose between 2 options that will affect the refund policy:

  • Option 1: We purchase the tickets within 5 days prior to the start of the tour. You can receive a 95% refund if you cancel before we purchase them. Once the tickets are purchased, the fees below apply.
  • Option 2: We purchase train & entrance tickets as soon as you book to guarantee the best tickets. You receive a partial refund when you cancel.

Cancellation fees p. person: $95 (for train, bus and entrance tickets already purchased) + 5% administrative fee. The remaining amount will be refunded within 3 working days.

Postponement fees p. person: Cost of postponing tickets (train, entrance & bus) + 5% administrative fee.

If you cancel 3 days or less before the start of the tour, there won’t be any refunds. We don’t issue refunds in case of delayed flights, inconveniences with train schedules, bad weather or sudden strikes that affect the tour.